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It all began at 14 years old. I had a passion for innovation and design. I started making my own freestyle scooter parts in my fathers machine shop. My hobby quickly took off and I started my own small business making and selling handlebars and parts. It reached the point where I wanted to start advertising with stickers.


 I had stickers made locally and was extremely disappointed in the quality of the work that I didn't feel comfortable with my name on them. 


This seemingly small incident is what inspired me to want to make high quality, affordable advertisements for both small and large business alike. 


Starting with just a laptop and basic equipment, I launched American Graphx out of my garage at the age of 17. With support and word of mouth of my customers, I was able to grow tremendously within a 2 year time period. 


Realizing my love for design work, I decided to convert my name to AGX Designs. We offer a wide range of options for all your advertisement needs. 


Sorry my about page sucks, check out my content :) 



-Bren Marra