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Thursday, 14 January 2016 00:00


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Hello World.


I have been working on a ton of Full Vehicle Wraps.

These things are superior to most ways of advertising. TRUST ME

So basically when aunt betty starts a bagel shop and she wants to get noticed all over Palmdale she calls me.

Not the billboard company that costs $2000-3000 per month, that can get pricey.

She can bring her eco friendly prius over and we can make it look like garlic chunks and poppy seeds are falling off onto the road.

Seriously though, Vehicle Wraps can last up to 20 years for the cost of a billboard for 1 or 2 months!


Send me some ideas you have! 


Quote Link below:


I would love to deck it out, fo sho


Monday, 04 January 2016 00:00

Exploding Hoverboard Ideas

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Good Morning,

Sooo, lately ive been hearing that all of these new "smartbalance" or "Hoverboards" are exploding.

I thought that was pretty cool so I decided to offer some sticker kits for them, mostly so they can go out with a bang while still looking fresh.

AGX badass hoverboard skins also protect your plastics. So when you decide to wadd up and get all caddy wompus you dont ruin your ride.

Get 'em here >


;P -Bren